Progetto Laboratori COMENIUS (inglese)


Scuole associate Liceo Classico”Ovidio – Istituto Statale d’Arte “G.Mazara” con annessa Scuola Media

Piazza XX Settembre, 16 – 67039  Sulmona AQ     email 








Germany, Hungary, Italy, France, Poland, Turkey






Our Project


Different groups of work have been activated on return from the first mobility provided by the Project Comenius at Pezenas, in France:



 Historic group of work about the ancient Sulmona


Researches about the history of the town during the Pre-Roman and Roman period

Researches about the main archeologic sites ( Roman domus, urban mosaics, town   rebuilding in the Roman period, the temple of  Ercole Curino, neighbouring pagan worship palces: Corfinio, Ocriticum) and Roman finds kept in the local civic museum, with the Archeologic Office’s experts contribution.

power point/video production


design and manufacture workshop of a jewel’s copy  of the Roman period

(edited by the Liceo Artistico)

Group of work about the latin poet Ovidio born in Sulmona


Knowledge of the poet’s life, his work’s analysis  (a video production)

Expressive reading of some myths from the  Metamorfosi

Analysis of the Ovidian’s themes in the modern European literatures.


drammatization workshop  on the base of the works written by the poet during his exile

(edited by Liceo Classico)





Group of work about Sulmona in the Renaissance


Researches about the history, the architecture, the art, the music and the literature in Sulmona during ‘400 and ‘500, referred to the European relationships, with the musicologist experts’ contribution

Researches on Medieval and Renaissance legends about Ovidio as a poet and magician

power point/video production

(edited by Liceo Classico)


Researches about the Renaissance Giostra cavalleresca, with the Association “Giostra Cavalleresca” contribution

(edited by Liceo Artistico)


Researches about the Italian Renaissance dance and its connections with the French one


Renaissance dance workshop  ( choreographies)

(edited by the Liceo Artistico)


Researches about the Renaissance wedding ceremony in Sulmona and in the neighbouring small towns (for example Scanno, ceremony of the catenaccio)



design and manufacturing workshop  of a Renaissance wedding- dress

(edited by the Liceo Artistico)



Group of work about the local traditions


Researches about local religious traditions  (Easter cerimonies), about the traditional cookery and the typical products and sweets (confetti, red garlic…) – mentioned also in some Latin authors’ works -, about folk dances and songs considering analogies with other European countries’ traditions.


folk dance workshop  (choreography making of a saltarello”skipping”)

(edited by the Liceo Artistico)



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